PLAY AUDIOMETRY: Through play to the precise state of hearing of the child

Hearing testing in children, especially in a child up to six years of age, is a very demanding undertaking, because children of that age cannot be expected to follow the rules and simply fulfill the tasks that the doctor tells them.

However, this is not a problem at all for the Standard Polyclinic, because it is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, where through play we come up with precise data on the hearing condition of the youngest patients.

"The children's audimetry we possess allows a completely painless and absolutely accurate determination of the hearing condition of a child up to six years of age. As for children's audimetry, at that age of up to six, we can't expect a child to simply walk into the booth, put on headphones and give us adequate answers. 'Play' audiometry, i.e. children's audiometry, is a way where through play we come to significant results whether there is a hearing impairment, in what percentage and at what level", said Dr . Andrijana Radovanić, spec. otolaryngologist.

The specialist ENT clinic for diseases of the ear, throat and nose, Radovanić points out, is equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

"We offer a wide range of services and in most situations complete treatment. What sets us apart from the rest is the availability of a large number of services in the area of the ear, throat and nose. The patient can complete the examination in one place, in a short period of time, and solve his problem", emphasized Dr. Radovanić.

According to her, the ENT unit of the Standard Polyclinic also offers the possibility of a calorie test.
"What is a calorie test and what is it for? The calorie test is very important in the examination of dizziness and helps us determine whether the problems are due to a disorder in the ear area or in the field of neurology. With this differential diagnosis, we have the possibility of rapid and adequate treatment, i.e. elimination of symptoms", explains Dr. Radovanić.

The Standard Polyclinic team is proud of the diagnostic procedures they use in hearing condition testing.

"Various factors – living conditions, working in noise, can lead to hearing impairment. At Standard Polyclinic, we took care of the smallest details when it comes to the field of hearing examination. We have a "deaf room" in which one can perform a hearing test in conditions of absolute peace. What sets us apart from others is determining the point of pain when examining hearing. In practice, air conductivity is mainly used. In addition to airborne, there is also bone conditionality and determining the point of pain. Why is it a significant point of pain? Because at the earliest stage we can come to the diagnosis of serious processes in the brain. And we know that early diagnosis is a successful treatment," says Dr. Radovanić.

He emphasizes that the base of the Polyclinic Standard is preventive action and preservation of health.

"Hearing condition testing can be done in a deaf room through headphones, through different tones we play, or in a free field.  The examination of hearing in a free field is very important, because people, as social beings, communicate, which is why it is extremely important how much we understand from what we hear. Most people say they hear sounds, but they don't understand them. In the Standard Polyclinic we have the opportunity to reach the level of intelligibility of speech", says Dr. Radovanić.