Revitalize your face and body with the services of aesthetic medicine at Standard Polyclinic

Aesthetic medicine is an area that deals with the prevention of aging, but also the repair of all those defects that we want to change or improve. Aging is a natural process that we are all exposed to and affects all the cells of our body, but it manifests itself on our skin first.

If you want to preserve and maintain a youthful appearance of the skin, our doctors will help you choose the right treatment to reach the desired goal.


  • PRP treatment
  • botox
  • hyaluronic fillers
  • mesotherapy
  • profhilo treatment
  • lipolysis
  • biorevitalisation
  • 3D meso threads

Frequently Asked Questions

In aesthetic medicine, a balance between desires and reality, with good evaluation by doctors, is rather important. Sometimes the result we imagine is quite different from what it can actually provide. For that reason, it is important to conduct a thorough consultation before selecting a treatment. Revitalization, tone and complexion improvement, volume correction or scar removal... this is only a part of the possibilities, and for each of these, there are different methods. Let the first question be What bothers me? What is it that I am not satisfied with? And we will recommend you a procedure that can give the best and safest result.
Aesthetic treatments can be unpleasant and a bit painful, but in most cases they are safe and they do not pose a danger to the patient. However, any medical procedure carries the risk of side effects. The most often ones are swellings, redness and bruises of treated areas and they disappear after a couple of days. In rare cases, more serious complications may occur, and you will prevent them by choosing a trained and experienced specialist whose care advice you will carefully follow.
No special preparation is required, but it is important not to take aspirin, anticoagulant and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs a week before treatment. In any case, you should note any therapy you are taking to the doctor.
The recovery time after aesthetic treatment depends on the type of treatment itself as well as the individual characteristics of the patient, such are age, general health, the amount of treatment that was applied and the place of application of the treatment. However, most aesthetic treatments usually do not require a long recovery, so patients can usually return to their normal activities within a few days.

As with any other medical procedure, contraindications may occur. We insist on an individual approach that avoids inappropriate treatments and chooses the best options for the individual patient.

Aesthetic procedures at the Polyclinic Standard are not aggressive procedures that require legal regulation with age restrictions, but they cannot be performed without a consultation that will take it into account. Possible psychological or health restrictions may have be connected to age, which is why we insist on conversation and individual recommendations.

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