Physical medicine in Polyclinic Standard: Much more than electricity and magnets

When a patient hears that he has to go to physical therapy, he mostly thinks of electron and magnet therapies.

However, says physiatrist Vanja Vukicevic, physical medicine is much more than that.

"The goal of the team at The Standard Polyclinic is to solve the pain as soon as possible and restore the patient's functionality and quality of life," explains Dr. Vukićević.

He warns that as many as 90 percent of people who constantly experience muscle, back or joint pain have symptoms of a disease of musculoskeletal origin.

"Standard Polyclinic offers you services of treating all these conditions. We are dealing with the treatment of degenerative sports injuries, but also regenerative medicine", says Dr. Vukicevic.

The Standard Polyclinic, he says, uses state-of-the-art technologies and therapies.

"And we adapt the treatments to each patient individually. Our polyclinic offers physical medicine, physical therapies, ultrasound examinations of joints and soft tissues, regenerative medicine, physical therapies and exercises, all of which are tailored to the patient, which guarantees success. Health problems that you have not been able to solve elsewhere can be solved in our clinic Standard", says Dr. Vukicevic.