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Ultrasound diagnostics (echography) is a completely safe, non-invasive and painless diagnostic method. It is a basic recording of control-preventive monitoring of the patient's health status, as well as for early detection of changes in your body.

It is a medical imaging technique, which uses high-frequency sound waves to gain insight into the state of internal organs. Ultrasound allows non-invasive visualization of organs, tissues and blood vessels, without the need to use ionizing radiation, as is the case with X-rays.

Ultrasound is used to examine various organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, breasts, testicles, prostate, uterus, ovaries, thyroid gland. It is used in the diagnosis of cysts, tumors and inflammation.

Ultrasound of the thyroid gland is done by a specialist in radiology or endocrinology or a general practitioner who is educated to do ultrasound examinations. This examination shows the shape and size of the thyroid gland, reveals the existence of nodules (nodes) on the gland itself – focal changes. Ultrasound provides both a picture of the tissue and its structure, but also the condition of the lymph nodes and surrounding soft tissues. With this technique it is possible to notice cysts, their shape, edges, size, blood flow...

Breast ultrasound is used as the first diagnostic procedure in the early detection (screening) of breast cancer. This diagnostic procedure is recommended once a year in women up to 40 years of age, if the doctor at the previous examination did not recommend more frequent examinations.

Breast ultrasound is a technique of examining tissues via ultrasound waves that pass through the breast. Ultrasound analyzes the skin, subcutaneous adipose tissue, mammary glands, possible nodes or cysts in the breast, but also lymph nodes in the armpits.  If suspicious changes are observed, they are checked under the control of ultrasound and the material is sent for cytological analysis. The most common reasons for breast ultrasound examination can be breast pain, a lump in the breast, which can be harmless, mastopathy, benign fibroadenoma tumor or cyst, but also malignant changes.

Ultrasound diagnostics of the abdomen is a non-invasive examination of the internal organs in the abdomen.

In this way, diseases of the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts and pancreas are detected, as well as the presence of free fluid in the abdomen. At the same time, the abdominal aorta and kidneys are also examined, which makes this examination very useful in the diagnosis of diseases of the abdominal cavity organs.

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