Spring brings with it a number of changes, and fatigue is very common one. Allergies and sneezes are not pleasant either, but not every change is unpleasant either. Some can be associated with a better mood, heightened desire to stay in nature and to be active. We can certainly try to make it so.

Spring allergies, fatigue, colds, sneezes, asthma... These are some of the most common problems that occur at this time of the year.

The lack of exposure to sunlight during the winter can be felt through vitamin D deficiency, and the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables on the table will lead to a lack of important vitamins and minerals.

All this affects the feeling of fatigue, exhaustion and lowered mood. 

Allergy or cold

Problems with allergies may be indicated by a constant runny nose, irritation of the throat, persistent sneezing and the feeling that we have a cold that does not pass. They can be accompanied by breathing problems or skin reactions. 

Maybe it is really only a cold that's hard to treat, transient irritation, but maybe it is an allergy that should be paid attention to. We can't do that without a medical examination and proper analysis.

Specific and reliable laboratory and allergy testsare important for the proper diagnosis of problems that come with spring, as well as regular control and monitoring of already known, chronic conditions.

 Your doctor cannot determine a treatment plan without reliable findings, whether it's asthma, sneezing, infection, allergies, hormone disruption, or vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Fatigue is a common consequence of one of the problems mentioned.

Standard of care for patients

In the laboratory Standard , you can conduct analyses that will help you determine the cause of spring problems or fatigue. This is the best way to deal with it or to avoid exacerbation in case of chronical problems.

The laboratory is equipped with devices of the latest technology. But just the equipment is not enough. Experts take care of the procedure according to the highest international standards so that the results are reliable. 

The results always arrive in time, but the patient must also take care of himself/herself and report the symptom in a timely manner.

Take care of yourself, that's the only way we can take care of you.

Always consult your doctor to assess whether you need an analysis and which one. Do not neglect the symptom and trust the experts. Once we trace the root of the problem, it is easy to remove it.

There is no need to suffer fatigue or difficulties.

The team of the polyclinic and laboratory Standard wishes you an active spring, in a good mood.

Laboratory Standard – advanced diagnostics, approach with care.

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